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Kolekse LLC is a software company based out of Northern California specializing in developing mobile applications for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7 platforms in photography and related fields. One of our very first applications is a photography related news and article collator called Photoverse which aggregates feeds from multiple sources and presents it in an easy to read format.



You can use these icons for Photoverse while showcasing or reviewing the app on your website:

Photoverse logo 48x48Photoverse Logo 150x150Photoverse Logo 300x300



You can use these screenshots on your website to sample Photoverse. Click to enlarge.


Ipad screenshot in landscape modeIpad Screenshot Landscape mode

Ipad screenshot in portrait mode


Iphone screenshot in landscape modeIphone screenshot in landscape mode

Iphone screenshot in portrait modeIphone screenshot in portrait modeIphone screenshot in portrait mode


Promo Codes

Apple limits the number of promotional (“promo”) codes to 50 per application version, and they are generally available on a first-come, first-served basis, within these guidelines:

  • Kolekse offers codes for giveaways on its own discretion.
  • Kolekse reserves some of the 50 codes for unplanned use.
  • Kolekse reserves the right to refuse promo-code requests for any reason.



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