Photoverse 1.52 submitted

Photoverse 1.52 has now been submitted and pending review, will shortly be released to the app store. It now contains some oft requested features including, but not limited to

  • Dynamic update of new blogs and content from a server. What this means is that no longer a new app release is needed to add content to Photoverse. These updates will not happen on the fly. And we have made it very easy for you to recognize that new content as well.
  • Fresh and new blog content have been added.
  • Pull down refresh of the Most Recent view and Blog list.
  • More screen space for the web view for blog posts.
  • Most Recent stories now load 3 times faster the previous version.
  • Application startup time has also been improved by a factor of three. Lots of optimization under the hood for faster execution.
  • Bug fixes, including fixes for Read It Later limitation of 12 character login name and crashes while refreshing web page.

New content available on this update:

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