New Content in Photoverse

New Content in Photoverse

We are planning future updates of PhotoVerse. We already have a bunch of features lined up. Please let us know what kind of content and features you would like to see in the new version?

We are thinking of adding a section for showcasing e-books from photographers. E-books have been slowly gaining popularity over the last few years and with the spread of tablets and the Kindle into the Photographer world, a lot of Photographers have published short reasonably priced e-books illustrating techniques in photography and post processing as well as showcasing their work, providing for a good read.

We are also planning on adding a HDR section in Photoverse. HDR started a long time ago, but only now with the advent of push-button tools for creating HDR images via post processing and cameras with built-in HDR support, it has gained a lot of popularity and many prominent photographers have started embracing it. We have some recommendations for content already and if you have any blogs or photographers whose work you would like to see, do reply to this post or on the Facebook page.

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